Peer-reviewed journal article
Moravcová, Eva. 2014. „Indikátory obav z kriminality v českých sociálněvědních výzkumech.“ Data a výzkum 8 (2): 121-141. ISSN 2336-2391. Available from:

While fear of crime is frequently discussed internationally, it is currently addressed by only a limited number of Czech studies. The aim of the paper is to present the main methodological concepts that have influenced the research on fear of crime and the design of indicators by which this phenomenon is measured. Furthermore, we evaluate and compare fear of crime measures in three surveys – the Euro-Justis pilot project, the fifth wave of the large-scale international European Social Survey and a survey of the Public Opinion Research Centre – and provide information about whether and to what extent people fear crime. The results of the analysis suggest that the wording and type of questions could be crucial in measuring fear of crime and that although a significant proportion of respondents declared being fearful, their “fear experiences” are found to be relatively rare.

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