Chapter in monograph
Stöckelová, Tereza. 2013. „Theory has no Big Others in STS.“ Pp. 88-98 in H. Corvellec (ed.). What is theory? Answers from the social and cultural sciences. Stockholm, Copenhagen: Liber and CBS Press. ISBN 978-91-47-09736-4.

I argue in this chapter that we do not need, in STS, to be concerned with losing theory (to descriptions and stories, fieldwork, practice or politics), rather recognizing different forms in which theory is and can be practiced. Along that line, we create a space to further decenter STS theory from masculinity, professional community and the (lab) natural science epistemic order. In all these cases, we should not strive toward simply developing a distinct theory for “other” areas that have fallen out of the domain of the masculine professional natural sciences. The point is to take this back to the natural sciences and rethink the theory of science in a new light. To allow new theories, and forms thereof, to emerge from new empirical material and political engagements.


sociology of science
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