Paper published in conference proceedings
Vohlídalová, Marta. 2009. „Why do long-term couples decide to break-up?“ Pp. 66-68. in Malačič, J., Gams, M. (eds). Informational Society - IS 2009. Proceedings of the 12th International Multiconference. Ljubljana: Institut Jožef Stefan.

The Czech Republic belongs to the countries with the highest divorce rate in the EU. Unfortunately, the data on the reasons ofbreak-ups available from the Czech Statistical Office are very limited; they only involve a minor part of divorced marriages but not any cohabitation break-ups. Also a sociological study of individual reasons and incentives leading to dissolution of (marital) relationships within the particular Czech context has been missing so far. In this paper we present and discuss the findings on subjective reasons leading to marriage and cohabitation dissolutions as declared by people, which are based on a unique survey conducted in 2009 in the Czech Republic with a representative sample of respondents.



human relations
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