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Jurik N. C., A. Křížková, M. Pospíšilová, G. Cavender. 2019. „Blending, credit, context: Doing business, family and gender in Czech and US copreneurships.“ International Small Business Journal: Researching Entrepreneurship 37 (4) 317–342. Dostupné z:

Utilising a comparative/doing gender approach and thematic narrative methodology, we examine how copreneurs – romantic business partners – construct business and caring responsibilities. We interviewed male-female partners separately from 12 couples in the Czech Republic (CR) and 13 in the United States (US), countries with diverse entrepreneurial histories, norms and family policies. We ask: (1) How do copreneurs construct/‘do’ business and family? (2) How do copreneurs credit contributions of partners? (3) How are constructions of business, caring and credit embedded in country contexts? Results show that business tasks did not align with strict gender stereotypes. Task characterisations of CR respondents shifted according to doer’s sex category. CR men claimed business leadership; US men gave women equal credit. In both countries, domestic responsibilities were attributed to women. Women’s narratives addressed blending business and care; men’s narratives concentrated on business. We document how these gendering practices referenced country employment opportunities, gender norms and family-leave policies.

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