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Mysíková, Martina. 2012. „Gender Wage Gap in the Czech Republic and Central European Countries.“ Prague Economic Papers 21 (3): 328-346. ISSN 1210-0455. Dostupné z:

This paper aims to quantify the basic structure of gender wage gaps in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia, using the EU-SILC 2008 dataset. The structure of the gender
wage gap is analyzed based on the Heckman selection model and Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition. The fi ndings are to a great extent similar for the Czech and Slovak Republics. The observed
gender wage gap is relatively high in these two countries, compared to Hungary and Poland. A relatively small but positive part of the observed gender wage gap can be explained by gender
differences in characteristics in the Czech and Slovak Republics, with a high contribution of job characteristics. An opposite result proved in Hungary and Poland, where working women have on
average even better characteristics than working men, mainly in terms of individual characteristics.

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