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Hájek, Martin, Dlouhá, Marie. 2011. „Interpretační kooperace v biografických textech: Sémiotický přístup k analýze kolektivní paměti.“ Biograf 54: 25-41. [cit. 26.9.2014]. Dostupné z:

Article reports on research of a little known process how the "documents of memory", biographical narratives of socialism in this case, are received by members of the community of memory. The research was based on the experiment, in which members of three generations (two generations of witnesses of socialism and one post-socialist generation) inferred the political identity of the narrators from very short fragments of biographical narratives concerning socialist era. Using semiotic approach the authors analyze in detail how the readers cooperated with biographical text to achieve an acceptable interpretation of these fragments of narratives. The results showed that differences in cooperation with the texts are not remarkable among generations, although there are certain differences between the post-socialist generation from both older generations. While the interpretation offered is not conclusive, it points to the fact that collective memory can not be reduced to the specific knowledge about the past, but is it necessary to include practical skills in dealing with the documents of memory.


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