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Lux, Martin. 1997. „Konzervativní myšlení v postmoderní době.“ Sociologický časopis 33 (3): 273-288. ISSN 0038-0288.

The origin of political attitudes and political behaviour of an individual of
the post-modern age is analysed in this article. The importance of the traditional dichotomy
between liberal and conservative politics is stressed. The traditional dichotomy
has however taken a new form recently, which is partly described. Primary
attention is paid to conservatism. According to author there is significant support for
conservatism in contemporary political behaviour. To illustrate this view the philosophical
theory of Levy on the interconnection of the order of perception and the
order of Being in human personality is used. Due to the fact that the conflict between
liberalism and conservatism persists also in the field of the role of the state,
there is an attempt to define the traditional perception of the state in the article. Particular
data on the perception of the role of the state in the economy in the Czech
Republic are then used and examined by factor analysis and frequency comparison.
These analyses confirm the possibility of the active existence of a significantly wide
group of politically right-orientated people, who agree with a “strong” state, but are
sceptical towards budget redistribution. These people can be said to represent the
traditional perception of the state.


politika (a postoje k politice)
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