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Vašát, Petr

Nástin mediálního diskursu o Janově: Kriticko-diskursivní přístup

Vašát, Petr. 2010. „Nástin mediálního diskursu o Janově: Kriticko-diskursivní přístup.“ AntropoWEBZIN 6 (1): 39-43.

This paper focus on a media presentation of events related to the situation that is generally called as social tension in Janov. The tool of this aim is a specific qualitative research method - critical discourse analysis. The method allows combine classical textual and intertextual analysis. There are identified two ideological practices in the Janov media discourse: (1) construction of Gypsy ethnic category, (2) construction of socially excluded locality. These ideological practices are supported by specific textual features and their concrete discursive expressions, both outlined in the analysis.