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Tomay Kyra, Lea Kőszeghy, Lívia Kelenné Török, Martin Šimon. 2014. „New Innovative Solutions to Adapt Governance and Management of Public infrastructures to Demographic Change: E-book for tackling infrastructure costs in shrinking regions.“ Office for National Economic Planning, Budapest, Hungary. (E-book) [cit. 16.9.2014]. Dostupné z: http://www.central2013.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/Downloads/outputlib/ADAPT2DC_WP6_E-book_20140517.pdf.

The e-book is especially targeted to practitioners at the local and regional level who face demographic change (ageing, population shrinking, selective migration) in their everyday work, or will be possibly exposed to such changes in the future. Information provided in the e-book is especially useful for policy makers, staff of local/regional/national administration, development agencies, service providers, civil and religious associations, institutions representing collective interests, citizens active in public affairs. The e-book is focused on the local and regional level, however, it can bear importance for national and transnational level stakeholders as well, by providing an insight on demographic change and its impacts, and presenting guidelines for policy planning. Contents of the e-book may also be of interest for a wider audience interested in ongoing social changes, the challenges they pose and good practices to tackle them.

Online version: http://adapt2dc.nth.gov.hu/

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