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Lux Martin, Teller N., Sunega Petr. 2018. „Poor and vulnerable households in private renting.“ Pp. 121-146 in Hegedüs, J.; Lux, M.; Horváth, V. Private rental housing in transition countries: an alternative to owner occupation? London: Palgrave Macmillan.

This chapter demonstrates that market (private) tenants differ from the rest of the population in almost all former post-socialist EU member states by their lower age and higher odds of being unemployed. However, in most countries in the sample the majority of most poor and vulnerable households tend to be homeowners or public tenants rather than tenants in private rental housing. When dwellings are offered by the private sector as rentable housing for the poor, they are often of substandard quality and located in segregated areas. Informality, very low tenure security, short-term tenure, spatial segregation, and sometimes overpricing are significant barriers to the wider use of the private rental sector to house vulnerable households in post-socialist countries.


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