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Hamplová, Dana

Šetření ISSP 1999 - Náboženství

Hamplová, Dana. 2000. „Šetření ISSP 1999 - Náboženství.“ Sociologický časopis 36 (4): 431-440. ISSN 0038-0288.

The report analyses an empirical survey of religious attitudes of the 
Czech population. With regard to Church affiliation and church attendance, the 
Czech Republic belongs among the most secularised countries in Europe. However, 
there is a widely spread belief in the supernatural. Analyses have disclosed the existence of two fundamental types of religious orientation: Christianity and occultism. 
While Christianity is typical for older people with lower education, occultism is 
spread through the population more evenly. The relationship between occultism and 
pessimism, and the denial of a higher personal authority were also proven. Christianity was connected to confidence in people, acceptance of a higher personal authority, 
and mild fatalism. 


náboženství a religiozita