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Chylíková, Johana. 2011. „Úvod do problematiky výzkumu citlivých témat ve výběrových šetřeních.“ Data a výzkum - SDA Info 5(2): 185 - 203. ISSN 1802-8152. Dostupné z:

The aim of this article is to provide an overview of the problems associated with the fielding of questions of a socially sensitive nature  typically dealing with crime, health, and sexual activity in nationally representative sample surveys. This article presents an overview of previous  research on this topic and associated themes such as the definition of sensitive survey questions, the emergence and impact of social desirability effects  and application of the Cognitive Aspects of Survey Methodology (CASM)  to mechanisms of question response on sensitive topics. Thereafter, this  article maps out specific sources of error that are likely to occur when fielding sensitive survey questions; and highlights methods that may used to 
minimise measurement error, thereby enhancing data validity. The article  concludes with an appraisal of some of the most influential criterion-validity used in this sub-field of survey research.

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