Project duration: 
2013 - 2016

The objective of PLATENSO is to provide a proposal towards establishing the legal base for a European Entity on Socio-Economic matters linked to nuclear technology and to develop recommendations for research strategies in PLATENSO countries. Thereby the capabilities of research institutes in Central and EasternEuropean countries to take part in EU research with respect to governance, social and societal aspects are enhanced. Initially, lessons learned from earlier projects, what is the state of knowledge in societal, social and governance issues, are reviewed and summarized. The research infrastructures within which project activities and future research are to take place are mapped and efforts are made to make sure research actors frame their approaches broad enough. Research strategies are formed for research in governance, social and societal issues in which participation in EU programmes is an integrated part. The strategies are tested with case studies to make sure they are feasible to implement. A number of networking activities are carried through as a major step toward actual foundation of the strategies in PLATENSO countries. In each country a PLATENSO partner will take responsibility for building a network of research institutions in its respective country.

Establishment of the legal base for a European Entity on Socio-Economic matters linked to nuclear technology has potential to overcome the barriers that still exist for taking them fully into account and to make the awareness of the social and political challenges to come to action. On the basis of exploratory studies focusing on Central and Eastern Europe and contacts with relevant stakeholders in all EU, the project will analyze main aspects with regard to the implementation of the entity (organization, legal form, communication structure, content, etc.). Major areas on social, societal and governance issues for the envisaged Entity will be proposed. A nuclear energy scenario based on the Generation 4 ALLEGRO reactor concept will be given special attention as a pilot case for the European Entity giving support to ALLEGRO in social, societal and governance issues, which will include testing the draft strategy for research. The exact forms for this will be developed in close
cooperation between PLATENSO and the ALLIANCE project.

Key words: nuclear energy, governance, social issues, stakeholder involvement, integrated approach, networking

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public policy
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International project