Lux, Martin et al. 2002. Bydlení - věc veřejná. Sociální aspekty bydlení v České republice a zemích Evropské unie. Praha: Sociologické nakladatelství SLON. 287 s. ISBN 80-86429-12-1.

The authors of the book „Housing – Res Publica“ describe the development of housing policies in selected developed and transitional societies and they especially provide the description and comparison of different systems of social housing and housing allowances. The authors evaluate the current housing policy tools in the Czech Republic from the point of view of efficiency and effectiveness. Based on international comparison and the conclusions from analyses of state inteventions to housing market in the Czech Republic, the authors recommend on housing policy reform in the sector of rental housing. Together with other publications of authors the book might have impact on real application of rent reform in the Czech Republic later on.


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