Published review
Uhde, Zuzana. 2005. „Multikulturní dialog v monologu o vagínách.“ Gender, rovné příležitosti, výzkum. 6 (1): 39–40. ISSN 1213-0028.

In the article the author highlights the critical potential of the theatre performance Vagina Monologues written by Eve Ensler with regard to both gender justice and multiculturalism. Ensler adverts to the injustice that women face particularly by means of narrative while she aims to avoid the western imperialistic view and afford the space to women outside the western culture too. Notwithstanding that the performance would benefit by stronger accent to the connection between feminism and multiculturalism, the performance is exceptional with the emphasis to the stabilization of solidarity between men and women and between women themselves as well as between particular cultures.

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