Non-peer-reviewed article
Vinopal, Jiří. 2008. „Pivo v české společnosti v roce 2007 pohledem sociologického výzkumu. Konzervativní rysy konzumace piva v České republice.“ Kvasný průmysl 54 (7-8): 240-243. ISSN 0023-5830.

The article informs of the result of Public Opinion Research Centre [Institute of Sociology of Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic] 2007 survey that is a part of long-term project of the place of beer and pubs in Czech society. It deals with the topic of beer traditions in Czech society; especially with their historical roots and contemporary manifestation in the shape of brand fidelity, regional patriotism or openness to new beer experiences. The topic of the position of non-alcoholic beer is also mentioned.


public opinion
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