Nešpor, Zdeněk R. 2011. Republika sociologů. Zlatá éra české sociologie v meziválečném období a krátce po druhé světové válce. Praha: Sciptorium. 304 s. ISBN 978-80-87271-48-3.

The book analyses evolution of Czech sociology from it very beginnings in the late 19th century to its temporary extinction after the communist coup d’état in 1948. Particular chapters describes roots and origins of Czech sociology, impact of T. G. Masaryk and his followers, three main interwar sociological schools, role of Czech sociologists in founding of Slovakian sociology and the situation of Czech sociology during the WWII and shortly after. The author emprasise relative wide extent and plurality of the sociological tradition, but he is also avare of its weak points.



history of sociology
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