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Vojtíšková Kateřina, Věra Patočková, Renáta Mikešová. 2017. „Vztah obyvatel k přírodě a její ochraně. Sociologická perspektiva.“ Praha: Academia. Edice Strategie AV21. Available from: https://www.soc.cas.cz/sites/default/files/soubory/vztah_obyvatel_k_prirode_a_jeji_ochrane.pdf.

The first part of the study is focused on how environmental issues are approached by sociology and social sciences and also deals with nature conservation in the Czech Republic - its developments, institution and actors. The second part presents the results of empirical surveys with the main emphasis on the survey carried out in 2016 focused on opinions, attitudes and behaviour of that part of population that is interested in nature conservation and environment professionally or in their leisure and actively participates in organizations dealing with nature conservation and environment– i.e. environmental education, conservation of specific species of plants or animals, care about specifies sites, nature protection on the global level and leisure organisations connected to nature (game management, fishing, hiking, beekeeping, forestry)


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