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Fialová, Kamila. 2017. „Why don’t Eastern Europeans Work Part-time?“ Ekonomický časopis 65 (2): 125-142. ISSN 0013-3035. Available from:

This article explores the development of part-time employment in Central and Eastern Europe compared to Western Europe. The analysis of panel data reveals the role of part-time work determinants on the macro level and their different effects on part-time employment in the two groups of countries. The large set of determinants includes business cycle, labour market institutions and structural factors. The results indicate that part-time employment in the East and the West is influenced by different, mostly structural, factors. In the East, the development of business cycle has a significant adverse effect. Further, rigorous EPL limits the use of part-time contracts by firms in the East while higher trade union density, greater share of temporary jobs and widespread shadow economy all have a positive effect on part-time employment in this region.

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