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Fialová, Kamila. 2023. „Low Pay and Political Attitudes in Europe: Is There an East-West Divide?“ Polish Sociological Review 3(223): 319-335. ISSN 1231–1413. [cit. 3.10.2023]. Dostupné z:,172988,0,2.html.

Employing 2018 European Social Survey data in a multilevel framework, the paper aims to estimate the effect of working for low pay on a wide range of political attitudes and to explain the attitudinal differences between the Central and Eastern European (CEE) and Western European regions based on their differing socioeconomic and political background. The results suggest that it is mainly the lower living standard of inhabitants together with widespread wage inequality and not the specific legacy of the communist regimes that undermine the individual’s perception of influence on politics, political confidence and satisfaction with democracy in CEE. The results also indicate that working for low pay has a significant positive effect on the individual’s trust in politicians, but the relationship is moderated by the country’s economic development and is only significant in rich countries.


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