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Matějů, Petr, Blanka Řeháková, Natalie Simonová. 2003. „Transition to University under Communism and after Its Demise. The Role of Socio-economic Background in the Transition between Secondary and Tertiary Education in the Czech Republic 1948-1998.“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 39 (3): 301–324. ISSN 0038-0288.

The aim of this study is to address the question of how inequalities in access to tertiary education have evolved in the Czech Republic. With an understanding of the basic parameters of both the contemporary political and institutional reforms and those in effect prior to November 1989, the authors have formulated a hypothesis which claims that the period of stable inequalities in the years 1948-89 was replaced by a period of growing inequalities during the post-communist transformation.

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