15. 3. 2023, other
The effects of three flagship policies aimed at reducing transport emissions from cars (diesel bans, rebates for battery vehicles, and subsidies for charging station projects) on the sales of Diesel, PHEV, and BEV in Germany? Center for Socio-Economic Research on Environmental...
12. 4. 2022, other
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During the Covid-19 pandemic, democracy worldwide continued to deteriorate. As established and new democracies faced unprecedented challenges to public health and the economy, their democratic quality declined. While established democracies could largely prevent pandemic erosion...
1. 4. 2022, other
Svobodu a nezávislost Ukrajině!
The Institute of Sociology CAS supports Ukrainian researchers. This corresponds to the announcement of the CAS "Researchers at Risk Fellowship" programme, which is aimed at supporting internships of foreign researchers and students of doctoral programmes of universities from...
24. 11. 2021, other
We would like to invite you to an international symposium Borders, Mobility of Care and Translocal Social Reproduction. The event will be held as a hybrid event on Thursday December 2, 2021. Please, register to the event. We will send you the link and ID if you prefer to...
14. 5. 2020, other
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Charles University and the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic have joined the international research initiative Antwerp University International COVID-19 Student Well-being Study.
12. 2. 2020, other
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Date: 11-12 May 2020 Place: Academic Conference Centre, Husova 4a, Prague 1, Czech Republic Keynote speaker: Professor Herbert Kitschelt, George V. Allen Distinguished Professor of International Relations, Duke University, North Carolina, USA
28. 11. 2019, other
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The discussion on the EU credibility in the Western Balkan countries have gained new dynamic upon French ‘no’ to opening negotiation talks with North Macedonia and Albania.
11. 11. 2019, other
Czech Social Science Data Archive (CSDA) of the Institute of Sociology CAS organizes the workshop: Data Management in Social Science Research and GDPR taking place on 5th December 2019, Institute of State and Law, Národní 18, Praha 1, conference hall, 7th floor
3. 10. 2019, other
The conference aims to discuss how the changing political economy of migration interacts with emerging global governance for migration. It will foreground transnationalizing claims stemming from distinct geopolitical perspective and the need to develop transnational norms and...
8. 4. 2019, other
This article was published on personal blog of scientist Emilija Tudzarovska Gjorgjievska.