21. 12. 2005, other
In September 2005 new issue of the bulletin Czech Society 2/2005 was published by Public Opinion Research Centre of the Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
13. 12. 2005, other
European Social Survey which Institute of Sociology AS CR takes part in received the prestigeous prize awarded by the European Commission.
12. 12. 2005, other
Nowadays, after the integration of MEDARD into the administrational structure of the Sociological Data Archive at the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the CR, qualitative data archive steps into the new era of its existence
12. 12. 2005, New publication
Information bulletin of the Sociological Data Archive provides an outline of data services, information on research projects, which data have been made available, and is devoted also to problems of survey methodology and information technologies.
7. 12. 2005, New publication
Led by an international board, the biannual Czech Sociological Review is designed to assist the stronger integration of Czech sociology into the international mainstream, and to invite contributions from authors worldwide who are interested in 'transformation issues', introduce...
2. 12. 2005, other
As part of Science and Technology Week in the Czech Republic the Institute of Sociology organised an Open Day on November 10, 2005, opening its doors to visitors from secondary schools and secondary vocational schools from Prague and from outside the city.
28. 11. 2005, other
To celebrate this special occasion the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic is planning to hold an anniversary celebration.
22. 9. 2005, other
The presentation of Karolinum publishing house will take place at the Ambassy of Czech republic in Vienna on 22th of September. The ambassador R. Jindrák will enter the apperance personaly. The subject of the presentation will be autror reading from the book „Comeback of the...
11. 5. 2005, other