Published: 2. 12. 2005

As part of Science and Technology Week in the Czech Republic the Institute of Sociology organised an Open Day on November 10, 2005, opening its doors to visitors from secondary schools and secondary vocational schools from Prague and from outside the city.

As part of its Open Day the Institute of Sociology organised tours
through the Institute and lectures, which were given by representatives
from the Institute’s research departments and employees from the Press
and Publications Department and the Sociological Library. The speakers
presented visitors with information about the activities of the
Institute as a whole and about the current research projects under way
in the research departments. Activities also included an exhibition of
publications by Institute employees and a tour through the Sociological

Of particular interest for visitors were the lecture on public opinion
research methods presented by Gabriela Šamanová from the Public Opinion
Research Centre, the lecture on political sociology by Zdenka
Mansfeldová, and the lecture on introducing fees at post-secondary
schools presented by Natalie Simonová.

The Czech Border Regions research department located at the Ustí nad
Labem branch of the Institute of Sociology opened its doors to the
public, presenting lectures on the activities of the Czech Border
Regions research department its current research projects, and on basic
information about the Institute of Sociology AS CR. Miroslav Brož
informed students about the results of the most recent study conducted
on ethnic tolerance in the border regions, with a special focus on the
Roma community.

A total of 213 people visited the Institute of Sociology AS CR on its
Open Day this year, which was the largest number of visitors recorded
at any of the academic institutes in the field of the humanities and
the social sciences.

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