Published: 3. 10. 2006
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Confidence in constitutional institutions and satisfaction with political situation
In CVVM survey which was made within project Our society 2006 in September 2006 we asked our respondents a question whether they trust to constitutional institutions. Question about public confidence in constitutional institutions is regular part of CVVM surveys which help us to monitor public confidence during time. Exceptionally we did not ask our respondents about their confidence in Government of the Czech Republic because at the time of the survey there was only government of prime ministr Paroubek which resigned and new government was not still established. In the long term president of our country has been the most trustworthy Czech constitutional institution. Currently three quarters of czech citizens (74%) trust to president. The lowest number of trustees are shared by both Chambers of Parliament. 30% of people older than 15 years trust to Chamber of Deputies and 27% trust to Senate. On the other hand more people find local representations trustworthy : Regional Councils are supposed to be trustworthy by almost a half of respondents (47%) and two thirds of citizens trust to their Local Council.
After elections to Chamber of Deputies satisfaction with political situation in our country has rapidly decreased. While in pre-election period 16-17% of people were satisfied with political situation (almost a half of Czechs was dissatisfied with political situation and a third of people was neither satisfied nor dissatisfied). At the moment almost a tenth of czech citizens (9%) is satisfied with current political situation and two third of respondets are dissatisfied (61%).

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