Project duration: 
2020 - 2023

The aim of the project is to make the tools and means of criminal policy, which lead to reducing reoffending, more effective. The research goal is to identify individual and social factors that significantly contribute to desistance. On this basis, concrete measures applicable in the practice of organisational units of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic – the Probation and Mediation Service (PMS) and the Prison Service of Czech Republic (PSCR), will be recommended.
Project implementation will contribute to:
- Increasing the effectiveness of PMS client´s treatments on parole.
- Development of new intervention programs of the PSCR for persons serving prison sentences.
- Diverting offenders from further crime and successfully reintegrating them back into society.

Principal investigator: 
Institut pro kriminologii a sociální prevenci
Psychologický ústav AV ČR, v.v.i.
Grant agency: 
Technology agency of the Czech republic

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