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Kolářová, K., Stöckelová, T., Senft, L. 2023. „Disability and the (dysbiotic) gut: Sensing, tasting and knowing with food.“ Sociology of Health and Illness 45(6): 1242-1258. Dostupné z:

This article offers insights into eating practices, conceptualising and making of ‘good’ food by people living with chronic disease. Based on ethnographic research focussing on people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and undefined IBD) in the Czech Republic, we explore what it would mean to conceptualise disability from the non-normative gut. We trace the practices of tinkering with foods and one’s body, and ways of learning to sense (with) dysbiotic guts that people with IBD develop. Departing from the established notions of digestion and metabolism as universal biological processes, people with IBD create an embodied crip archive of knowledge through their eating practices, ways of making and sensing food and metabolic sampling. Most importantly, these practices offer, as we argue, new pathways into exploring crip embodiments as a place from which to acknowledge and do more-than-human collaboration, health and ecologies.

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