2. 7. 2007

July 11th-14th, Institute of Sociology Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 2nd floor Meeting room no. 207

Workshop is organized by the Center for European Studies at the Bremen University Project “Citizenship and Constitution: Transformations of the Public Sphere in East- and West-European Integration” and by the Institute of Sociology AS CRProject “Reconstituting Democracy in Europe”

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Wednesday 11th July, 13:00 – 14:00


Introduction - Dr. Zdenka Mansfeldova (Institute of Sociology AS CR)


Key Note:

"If the EU is not democratic, how can its impact upon domestic polities not be un-democratic?"

Prof. Philippe C. Schmitter (Florence, EUI)

Discussant: Zdislaw Krasnodebski (University of Bremen/CEuS)


- Coffee Break - 14:30 – 18:30


Guest speaker:

The European Constitutional Process from the Point of View of Selected Policy Areas

Doc. Jana Reschova (Charles University, Faculty of Law and University of Economics, Faculty of International Relations)


Missing links? Citizenship, Civil Society and Political Parties in the EU’s Constitutional Process – expectations and practices

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Liebert (University of Bremen/CEuS)




Anger, politics, and structural adjustment in the new member states: Poland in a comparative perspective“

Prof. David Ost (Hobart & Wm. Smith Colleges/NY)

Discussant: Zdislaw Krasnodebski (University of Bremen/CEuS)


The Radical Right in Central Eastern Europe

Lenka Bustikova Siroky (Duke University)




Thursday 12th July, 9:00 – 13:00


1st paper by doctoral candidate -

Civil Society Participation and EU legitimacy: Comparing New and Old Member States

Petra Rakusanova

Discussant: David Ost




2nd paper by doctoral candidate

EU Constitutional Politics in Ethno-Linguistically Divided Societies: Latvia and Estonia

Tatjana Evas (UniHB/CEuS)

Discussant: David Ost



- Coffee break -


3rd paper by doctoral candidates

National Citizenship between Liberalization and Ethnicization: towards Democratic Convergence?

Aleksandra Wyrozumska

Discussant: David Ost




4th paper by doctoral candidates

“Constituting European Citizenship? Political Party Representation and Communication in the UK and Germany”

Kathrin Packham

Discussant: Lenka Bustikova Siroky




Friday 13th July, 9:00 – 13:00


A New European Order? Civil Society, Political Parties and Economic Groups in Network Analysis

Dr. Alexander Gattig (UniHB/CEuS)


Public Attitudes toward European Integration in the Republic of Ireland

Pat Lyons, PhD (Institute of Sociology AS CR)


- Coffee break -


5th paper by doctoral candidates

“Struggling about the European Constitution: the Political Influence of Producer Groups and NGO’s in France and Germany”

Samba Diop

Discussant: Dr. Zdenka Mansfeldova




6th paper by Diploma candidate

“TCE Legitimation by Parliamentary Ratification? Civil Society in Germany”

Nora Hentrop

Discussant: Ulrike Liebert



- Lunch break -



Closed session

Wrap-up, results and planning

Conclusion of the workshop



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