Peer-reviewed journal article
Pivarč, Jakub. 2015. „Pupils' Misconception as a Psychosocial Barrier in the Context of Inclusive Education.“ Educational Studies 37 363 – 376. ISSN 1233-6688.

During the totalitarian regime the Czech education system significantly hindered or entirely prevented the pupils with intellectual disability to exercise their right to education. Since 1989 the Czech schooling system has undergone a distinct transformation. In line with the qualities of today's postmodern society, the idea of inclusion has been one of the changes, but has been evolving only at a theoretical level so far. Inclusive education is clearly a solution for pupils with intellectual disability which in turn leads to equal and effective education. Some obstacles within the practical application of inclusion may be negative attitudes, incorrect understanding, prejudices and invalid generalisations (misconceptions) of intact pupils about their peers who have an intellectual disability. The paper discusses psychosocial barriers at a microsocial level in a classroom which may inhibit the inclusion process. The main focus is on the issue of pupils' misconceptions and some strategies to overcome them.


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