Peer-reviewed journal article
Nešpor, Zdeněk R. 2019 (vyšlo 2020). „Evangelíci na Těšínsku a jejich čeští, moravští a slovenští souvěrci.“ Východočeské listy historické 42: 7-21. ISSN 1211-8184.

The study shows Lutheran Protestantism as an important specificity of the former
Teschen/Cieszyn/Těšín region in Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic and Poland, among which this
territory was divided after the First World War. It examines the mutual relations
between the Teschen Protestants and their fellow believers in both (or after the independence
of Slovakia all three) countries during the 20th and early 21st centuries, and
states the paradox that „rapprochement“ within one state unit in Czechoslovakia led
to confessional division and its further deepening. In addition to religious, (religio-)
historical and socio-geographical reasons, the divergence is currently strengthened by socio-economic causes, namely social

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