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Chorvát, Ivan, Jiří Šafr. 2021. „Voľnočasové aktivity v Slovenskej a Českej republike: sú faktory, ktoré ich ovplyvňujú, národne špecifické?“ Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review 53(2): 147-179. ISSN 0049 - 12. Available from:

Leisure Activities in Slovakia and the Czech Republic: Are the Factors that Influence them Nationally Specific?

This article focuses on the factors that influence leisure time in Slovakia and the Czech Republic by using a dataset from coordinated surveys on leisure time carried out in 2016 (Slovakia) and 2011 (Czech Republic). We show the internal structure of leisure activities determined by the social logic of cultural taste. Amongst more than 20 activities examined, we identify three basic spheres–active lifestyle/highbrow culture (forming cultural capital), out-of-home entertainment/consumption of new media and domesticity/family life. The main goal is to identify the factors differentiating these elementary lifestyles. We test hypotheses on the divergent influences of age, education and residence size on leisure activities in the two countries. The analysis confirmed the hypotheses in only two areas of leisure–active lifestyle/highbrow culture and partly in out-of-home entertainment/new media consumption. The results show that more culturally demanding forms of leisure are determined not only by individual factors but also to some extent by structural differences in settlement arrangements and broader historical and cultural circumstances.
Sociológia 2021, Vol. 53 (No. 2: 147-179) DOI:

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