Peer-reviewed journal article
Bernard, Josef. 2018. „Rural Quality of Life – Poverty, Satisfaction and Opportunity Deprivation in Different Types of Rural Territories.“ European Countryside 10 (2): 191-209. ISSN 1803-8417. Available from:

This article contributes to the rural-urban quality of life comparison issue by investigating territorial differences in quality of life using indices of poverty, satisfaction and opportunity deprivation. The article introduces three innovative elements. First, rural-urban differences are analysed alongside with the within-rural differentiation, second, two distinct spatial patterns of different forms of rural territorial disadvantage are introduced, third, the net-effect of the residential environment is assessed.
Empirical results, based on survey data, show increased opportunity deprivation in rural areas, which however is not accompanied by decreased community satisfaction.
For the most indices, within-rural differences proved larger than the difference between urban and rural areas.


urban and rural studies
social inequalities
standard of living
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