Local and regional studies

Lokální a regionální studia

The department focuses on research into the connections between territorially specific factors — local and regional — and processes of social change, including the formation and functioning of socio-spatial configurations, institutional structures, civic participation and the formation of values, attitudes and political orientations. Research also encompasses the sociological aspects of local and regional politics. The department participates in international research on the European public space.

Current projects:

Self-Government of Small Municipalities and Their Endogenous Development Potential (Mgr. Josef Bernard), Partnership and Participation in Local Public Administration: Meanings, Experiences and Promises (Mgr. et Mgr. Daniel Čermák), Governing in Metropolitan Regions and Its Influence on Socio-Spatial Inequalities (RNDr. Tomáš Kostelecký, CSc.), Social Capital as a Factor Influencing Regional Disparities and Regional Development (PhDr. Jana Stachová, Ph.D.),Development Interests of Border Area Regions. Orlicko Case (PhDr. Zdenka Vajdová)

Selected publications

Patočková, Věra, Daniel Čermák, Kateřina Vojtíšková a kol.
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