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Křížková, Alena, Marková Volejníčková, Romana, Pospíšilová Marie, Vohlídalová Marie. 2023. „Key barriers, opportunities and good practices for entrepreneurship and innovation.“ Praha: Evropská komise, 2023. (výzkumná zpráva)

The report is focused on barriers, opportunities and good practices for gender-sensitive innovations and entrepreneurship. It is based on the analysis of 36 interviews with experts from the health, green and digital fields and the target groups defined in the quadruple helix of academia, citizens, industry, and government. The interviews were collected by 12 GILL partners in the 10 consortium countries in 2023. Gender stereotypical cultural beliefs and norms, masculine bias, gender segregation, lack of funding, lack of policies to support work-life balance and lack of political will and empirical evidence to remove these barriers are the main problems identified. The opportunities reflected largely correspond to these barriers and highlight the role of key actors, such as the EU, in setting standards. Projects focusing on fixing the number of women under-represented in certain fields and occupations and management positions predominate among good practices.

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