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The original version of the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS) has been successfully tested in many studies, mainly using Classical Test Theory (CTT). Using Item Response Theory (IRT), this study examines psychometric properties of the original SWLS comprising five items, and its abbreviated versions and possible usage of a shorter response scale in a Czech data sample.

Téma: metodologie výzkumu

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V publikci NKC mapuje postavení žen ve vědě a inovacích v České republice. Zprávy vydává každoročně už od roku 2005. Najdete v ní data o zastoupení žen ve vědě a výzkumu napříč obory i ekonomickými sektory. Získáte také přehled o tom, kolik žen působí ve vedoucích funkcích vědy a výzkumu a jaké jsou genderové platové rozdíly v akademické sféře. Nechybí zde ani mezinárodní srovnání ČR s dalšími zeměmi EU.

Téma: gender, sociologie vědy

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Téma: internet, sociální kapitál, životní styl

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This article offers insights into eating practices, conceptualising and making of ‘good’ food by people living with chronic disease. Based on ethnographic research focussing on people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and undefined IBD) in the Czech Republic, we explore what it would mean to conceptualise disability from the non-normative gut.

Téma: zdraví

Typ publikace: impaktovaný článekOddělení: Národní kontaktní centrum - gender a věda

The article analyses the proliferation of narratives about Covid‐19 as an orchestrated political event among female lifestyleinfluencers on Czech Instagram. As the Covid‐19 pandemic turned even the most basic everyday activities into politicallyloaded questions, the boundaries between lifestyle, domestic, and political content posted by influencers became increas‐

Téma: gender, internet, politika (a postoje k politice)

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Authenticity has become a buzzword for our times. Much of the travel industry is built around the provision of ‘authentic’ experiences, global brands fight to be seen as ‘authentic’ and social media platforms are awash with arguments about the authenticity of this post or that vlogger. But what do we mean by authenticity? And why have these debates grown so dramatically in the last two decades?

Téma: gender, kultura, média

Typ publikace: odborná kniha / monografieOddělení: Gender & sociologie

Proceedings of the conference on the problem of important trees in the rural landscape of the Czech Republic within the framework of the grant solved by the Faculty of Science of Palacký University in Olomouc. The conference was held on 6-7 October 2022 in Hostětín.

Téma: životní prostředí

Typ publikace: kapitola v konferenčním sborníkuOddělení: Lokální a regionální studia

In this article, we interpret some of the findings from an extensive explorative qualitative study conducted from April to December 2020 that used semi-structured interviews, interviews with clients of an assistance-providing organisation, and analyses of concrete cases from the period of the first pandemic lockdown in the Czech Republic.

Téma: gender

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Despite a long and rich history of fear of crime research, studies which focus on the importance of local specifics are rather limited. This study fills this gap by analyzing fear of crime—measured as concerns about crime and feeling of safety—among residents of disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Téma: kriminalita

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The main objective of this study is to examine interest in the implementation of five restorative justice programs as reported by 225 employes of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic and to identify the factors that underpin such interest. The results show that perceived usefulness and familiarity with the program are crucial factors that influence the respondent's interest in program implementation.

Téma: kriminalita

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Christianity has lost its salience, but customs and traditions maintained their importance in forming national identity in Europe. Using the ISSP National Identity 2003 and 2013 data from 17 European countries, this article tests how the salience of Christianity and sharing of national customs and traditions varies according to the share of Muslim and immigrant population, and whether the association changed across time.

Téma: identita, kultura, náboženství a religiozita

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This article reports on a new empirical study evaluating crime concentration at places in a postsocialist city. We use principles of the law of crime concentration at places and the Cambridge Crime Harm Index to measure crime count and crime harm concentration at the level of street segments. The research found differences between crime concentration in a post-socialist city and crime concentration reported by recent studies from US or UK cities.

Téma: důvěra/sociální koheze, kriminalita, město a vesnice, sociální nerovnosti, veřejná správa

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Téma: gender, mzdy a příjmy

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Drawing upon ethnographic research on human living and producing with fungi, and Haraway’s theorization of sympoiesis and the model ecosystems of mycorrhizae developed in current mycological research, we offer a concept of sympoietic growth.

Téma: ekonomie, sociologie vědy, životní prostředí

Typ publikace: impaktovaný článekOddělení: Národní kontaktní centrum - gender a věda