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Young adults in various countries are experiencing deteriorating access to homeownership and affordable rental housing. Whereas many studies have focused on the shift of responsibility for housing from the state to individuals related to a meritocratic ideology, only recently have certain studies identified the ambiguity and incoherence as a significant principle in housing discourses.

Téma: bydlení, mezigenerační vztahy, sociální nerovnosti

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The article deals with the phenomenon of taking up responsibility and individual care for public land, presenting the stories of two Czech people who have engaged in their environments in such a way.  Should we see these actions as moral interventions, transporting ideas of good care, decrying neglect and ill-practice by offering practical examples of more appropriate ways of handling things? Can we understand them as not only forms of everyday world-making (Postero/Elinoff 2019), but also as

Téma: klimatická změna, životní prostředí

Typ publikace: popularizační článekOddělení: Lokální a regionální studia

Téma: historická sociologie

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Výzkumná zpráva se zabývá mírou využití jednotlivých typů lokálních venkovských služeb, jejich významem pro různé sociální skupiny a pociťovanou důležitostí ze strany obyvatel obcí a regionálních aktérů. Zároveň zpráva popisuje, jaké důsledky mají pro lokální vybavenost venkovských obcí změny tržního a spotřebního chování obyvatel venkova, a jaký vliv má vybavenost obcí na pociťovanou rezidenční spokojenost.

Téma: město a vesnice, regiony

Typ publikace: jiná publikaceOddělení: Lokální a regionální studia

While classmates have been identified as important socializing agents in relation to adolescents’ prejudice, there is limited understanding of how popularity status plays into classroom transmission of prejudicial attitudes. Drawing on theories of social influence, we used a three-wave panel of Swedish adolescents (N = 941, aged 13–15) to examine the role of sociometric and prestige popular classmates in the development of adolescents’ anti-immigrant attitudes.

Téma: občanská společnost

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The article explores the proliferation of conspiracies in female dominated spaces on Instagram, specifically among spiritual influencers who base their authority and influence on a combination of wellness culture practices and conspirituality narratives.

Téma: gender, média, životní styl

Typ publikace: recenzovaný článekOddělení: Gender & sociologie

This mixed‐methods article focuses on childlessness and barriers to parenthood among non‐heterosexual men in Czechia. On the quantitative sample of 419 men (165 gays, 125 bisexuals, and 129 heterosexuals with same‐sex romantic/sexual attraction), recruited on a representative online panel, we map the parenting desires, intentions, and perceived barriers to parenthood.

Téma: gender, rodičovství, sexualita

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Investigating what happens when money in the form of a cash-for-care benefit enters family relationships, this article examines long-term family care in the Czech Republic where a “care allowance” was introduced in 2007. It compares two qualitative studies: one of adult children providing care to their parents and the other of mothers caring for a disabled child; in both cases, the adults are entitled to the benefit.

Téma: gender, hodnotové orientace, péče, věk a stárnutí

Typ publikace: impaktovaný článekOddělení: Gender & sociologie

The Covid-19 pandemic had a particularly severe impact on people in a vulnerable position, such as solo mothers living alone with their children. In this article I use an intersectional approach in order to understand how their different positions in life affected their ability to cope with the crisis situation.

Téma: gender, péče

Typ publikace: recenzovaný článekOddělení: Gender & sociologie

Previous research on non-custodial sentences has pointed to the association between awareness of alternatives to prison and public opinion on these alternative measures. Using data from a public opinion survey conducted in the Czech Republic in 2018, the main objective of this study is to examine the extent to which public opinion on probation is influenced by awareness of probation service and support for probation in general.

Téma: kriminalita, veřejné mínění

Typ publikace: recenzovaný článekOddělení: Hodnotové orientace ve společnosti

Téma: náboženství a religiozita

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Former socialist states made great progress in the institutional set up and development of civil societies after the fall of their non-democratic regimes. However, the gap in levels of political participation between former socialist states and old democracies remains.

Téma: občanská společnost, politika (a postoje k politice), vzdělání

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This article explores the spatial mobility of disadvantaged populations in order to enhance our understanding of transport poverty. It is based on participatory GPS tracking data collected in peripheral rural regions in Czechia and Germany. The data provide information on the two-week mobility of 61 socially disadvantaged study participants belonging to the following groups: (a) the lone elderly, (b) the labor market disadvantaged, and (c) single parents.

Téma: dluhy, gender, město a vesnice, metodologie výzkumu, migrace a mobilita, životní úroveň

Typ publikace: impaktovaný článekOddělení: Lokální a regionální studia

The new age of party democracy and France's elections 

Téma: EU, politika (a postoje k politice), sociální politika

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