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Established in 2001 as a team and as an independent research department in 2015, the Centre for Gender & Science (originally "for women and science") is the only specialized research department in the country focusing specifically on gender sociology of science, feminist science and technology studies, and gender equality in research. We are members in professional bodies, including RINGS The International Association of Institutions of Advanced Gender Studies, AtGender and the Gender Expert Chamber of the Czech Republic. The Centre publishes expert studies and analyses, and provides consultation services to state and public administration (Office of the Government, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Czech Science Foundation), and research and higher education institutions in the field of gender equality in research. Its members serve as experts on expert groups and advisory bodies in the Czech Republic and the EU. Marcela Linková is the chair of the ERAC Standing Working Group on Gender in Research and Innovation. We also develop international cooperation in the field of research into gender inequalities in research (RINGS The International Association of Institutions of Advanced Gender Studies, European Platform of Women Scientists etc.).

In recent years, the Centre has run a dedicated service for Czech research performing and funding organizations focused on the structural change for gender equality through gender action plans, including trainings and workshops, and has established a national Community for Change (former Working Party for Change) bringing together representatives of institutions implementing or wishing to implement a gender equality plan. The annual monitoring reports bring a statistical review of the position of women and men in Czech research, career advancement of women and men researchers and the proportion of women and men in leadership and decision-making positions in research. Established in 2009, the Milada Paulova Award is conferred annually by the Minister of Education in cooperation with the Centre for Gender and Science, for lifelong contribution to the development of a scientific field. The objective of the Milada Paulova Award is to acknowledge the work of prominent women researchers and provide role models to new generations of women researchers.

Research topics

  • Gender in the organization of research, research assessment and excellence
  • Organizational change in higher education and research sectors
  • Responsible research and innovation
  • Geographical and sectoral mobility
  • Research careers and reasons for leaving academic research
  • Combination of research and private life
  • Family and social policy, gender and the research profession
  • Gender mainstreaming and equal opportunities in research
  • Sexual harassment in higher education
  • Social studies of biomedicine and complementary and alternative medicine


Selected publications

Linková, Marcela and Mergaert, Lut
Fox, Mary Frank, Whittington, Kjersten Bunker, Linková, Marcela
Linková, Marcela, Cidlinská, Kateřina, Fárová, Nina, Maříková, Hana, Tenglerová, Hana, Vohlídalová, Marta
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Aktuálně řešené projekty

Hlavní řešitelé:
Mgr. Marcela Linková, Ph.D.
Hlavní řešitelé:
Mgr. Marcela Linková, Ph.D.
Hlavní řešitelé:
Mgr. Marcela Linková, Ph.D.
Hlavní řešitelé:
doc. Mgr. Tereza Stöckelová, Ph.D.
Hlavní řešitelé:
Mgr. Marcela Linková, Ph.D.

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