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Vydáno: 1. 8. 2011

Vyšlo letní anglické dvojčíslo Sociowebu 7-8/2011

Tématem je volný čas a dovolená.

We’ve given this summer double issue a recreational tone and decided to make leisure time and vacation our theme. Almost every department at the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic that has something to say on this topic has contributed to this double issue.

The first contribution, from the Public Opinion Research Centre, is by Gabriela Šamanová and Jan Červinka and is devoted to the topic of leisure time and how people spend it according to the results of public opinion research.

The second article, by Věra Patočková and Jiří Šafr, shows how the population of the Czech Republic does or does not differ from the other 18 European countries in terms of how people spend their leisure time and vacations.

The third article, by Vendula Pecková, reminds us how Czechs and Slovaks used to spend their vacation and their recreational time in the 1960s. Romana Trusinová focuses on one form of leisure-time and vacation activity – travel. This is regarded to be one factor of consumption behaviour and the author compares the attitudes of younger and older people, asking also whether young people measure their satisfaction in terms of the number of kilometres they manage to log.

In another article Radka Dudová looks at one less common type of leisure-time activity – sex tourism – and examines how sex tourism has been construed and used in Czech media and political debates.

In another article that examines leisure-time from a different perspective, Petr Sunega reflects on whether leisure-time expenditures vary according to housing type, which is one important factor of socio-economic stratification.

Martina Mysíková then focuses on the theme of material deprivation in relation to vacations and asks how many Czech households are unable to afford a vacation and how other European countries fare in this respect. In the final article, Miroslava Federičová focuses on income inequalities and the poverty rate in the Czech Republic and in comparison with 26 other European countries.

The summer double issue winds up with a review of a book by František Zich (editor) Sociální potenciál v sociologické reflexi. Sociální potenciál starého průmyslového regionu – případ Mostecka (Social potential reflected in sociology: the social potential of an old industrial region – the case of the Most region), reviewed by Zdenka Vajdová.


Zářijové vydání Sociowebu pro Vás připravuje tým Národní kontaktní centrum – ženy a věda a bude se věnovat tématu gender a věda.

Seznam článků tohoto čísla:

Czech and Leisure Time (Gabriela Šamanová, Jan Červenka)
How We Spend Our Leisure Time and How Long Are Our Holidays – the Czech Republic in a Comparison with Europe (Jiří Šafr, Věra Patočková)
Vacation and Recreation in the 1970s according to Public Opinion Research (Vendula Pecková)
Do Young People Measure Happiness by the Number of Kilometres Logged? (Romana Trusinová)
Sex Tourism in the Czech Republic: It’s Not Us, It’s Them! (Radka Dudová)
Do Leisure-time Expenditures Differ by Housing Type? (Petr Sunega)
Forty Percent of Czech Households Cannot Afford a Week’s Holiday!
Material Deprivation in the Czech Republic and European Countries
(Martina Mysíková)
Analysis of Income Inequalities (Miroslava Federičová)
Information on a publication and research (Zdenka Vajdová)

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