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Mansfeldová Zdenka, Petra Guasti, Ivan Petrúšek, Olga Gyarfášová. 2019. „Comparing Citizen Attitudes towards Security and Liberty in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.“ Sociológia – Slovak Sociological Review 51 (6): 603-622. ISSN ISSN 1336. Dostupné z:

The article focuses on the relationship between security and privacy from the point of view of a citizen. It examines Czech and Slovak citizen attitudes toward the use of strong prevention security measures in a situation where the government suspects a terrorist attack or security threats in general. The authors focus on the Czech Republic and Slovakia, two countries that do not have much experience with a severe threat to security, so security is more about pre-emptive measures and general consideration. Data from the two latest ISSP Role of Government modules (IV. and V.) are employed to analyse the degree to which citizens in both countries accept security measures and what are the determinants of their acceptance. The analysis shows that a mixture of the low level of trust and a high level of perceived corruption foster sceptical attitudes towards the use of strong security measures. Citizens are less willing to have their personal freedom limited if they do not trust their government.


důvěra/sociální koheze
politika (a postoje k politice)
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