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Maurizio Teli, John McQueenie, Roberto Cibin, Marcus Foth. 2022. „Intermediation in design as a practice of institutioning and commoning.“ Design Studies 82 (2022). ISSN 0142-694X. Dostupné z:!.

Design practices often involve grassroots communities and institutional actors with designers working as or with intermediaries. This paper defines intermediation as a significant design practice, especially when designers engage in commoning and institutioning—concepts that have gained traction in recent discourses in design scholarship. To discuss intermediation, the paper introduces two case studies: a community radio project in Europe and a food supply chain project between Australia and China. The two cases show implicit and explicit ways that intermediation can form an integral part of the practices and competences of designers. The paper discusses the merits of intermediation skills and techniques as well as how intermediation can be better embedded and integrated in design practices.

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