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Decker, Anja. 2022. „The space behind the garden: Inconspicuous land-related care in Czechia.“ CESCAME Dostupné z: https://cescame.soc.cas.cz/research-outcomes/anja-decker-the-space-behind-the-garden-inconspicuous-land-related-care-in-czechia.

The article deals with the phenomenon of taking up responsibility and individual care for public land, presenting the stories of two Czech people who have engaged in their environments in such a way.  Should we see these actions as moral interventions, transporting ideas of good care, decrying neglect and ill-practice by offering practical examples of more appropriate ways of handling things? Can we understand them as not only forms of everyday world-making (Postero/Elinoff 2019), but also as inconspicuous, subtle educational projects that seek to evoke change? In other words, are they political practices that might too easily escape our sight?


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