Vydáno: 18. 1. 2019
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New issue of Gender a výzkum / Gender and Research journal (Volume 19, No. 2) focused on Intersectional perspective in social inequalities research has been published.

Current issue contains seven original articles and an interview with Professor Mary Romero, president of American Sociological Association.

Alena Křížková, Hana Hašková:
Intersectional Approach in Social Inequalities Research [3-10]


Kateřina Kolářová:
The Paradoxes of a Successful Theory: Intersectionality between Criticism and the Reinforcement of Hegemony [11-31]

Jasna Mikić, Aleksandra Kanjuo Mrčela, Monika Kalin Golob:
Gendered and ‘Ageed’ Language and Power Inequalities: An Intersectional Approach [32-54]

Jaroslava Hasmanová Marhánková:
Sexuality and Ageing – Places of Silence: Using Intersectional Perspectives as a Starting Point for the Study of LGBT Ageing [55-74]

Ema Hrešanová, Alena Glajchová:
Elderly and Foreign: Vulnerability and Intersectionality in Healthcare [75-101]

Alena Křížková, Hana Hašková, Kristýna Pospíšilová:
Disability, Gender and Education in the Labour Market from an Intersectional Perspective [102-134]

Lenka Formánková, Marta Lopatková:
Unequal Start? Intersectional Analysis of the Professional Life of Young Vietnamese in the Czech Labour Market [135-162]

Kateřina Glumbíková, Barbora Gřundělová, Alice Gojová:
The Intersectionality of Oppression Experienced by Single Mothers in Homeless Shelters [163-181]


Alena Křížková, Mary Romero :
Intersectionality as a Useful Tool for Capturing Social Inequalities: An Interview with Professor Mary Romero by Alena Křížková [182-188]


Alena Křížková:
The Rubik’s Cube as a Metaphor for the Intersectional Approach [189-193]

Klaudia Teichmanová:
One Perspective on the History of Intersectional Thought [193-197]

Markéta Švarcová:
The Historical Roots and the Current Situation of Female Entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic [197-201]

Romana Marková Volejníčková:
Gender Inequalities in Democratic Systems [202-206]


Marie Pospíšilová:
Women and Work-Life Balance in Historical Studies from the Socialist Period [207-211]

Olga Senková:
Report on 10th European Feminist Research Conference [211-212]

Marie Pospíšilová:
Mobility for all? Report from The Future of Sustainable Urban Mobility Conference [212-215]

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